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Situation Géographique de Las Terrenas

shop2Situation of the Trade (Central Avenida). Our store is in the principal street in the middle of Plaza Rosada. This place is the shopping mall of a great very momentary surface. This site comprises several assets: with the presence of a bank, shops and a monitoring 24 hours a day. This shopping mall, point central of Las Terrenas equipped with a carpark recoit shuttles of the hotels.

Activity of Avenida Exchange

The principal idea of the store is to offer a pallet of services to the tourists and to the residents at the same place. Thus we are likely there of response to many requests or our competitors answer only one. All these services only require to be supplemented by your own knowledge to make.

Stockbroker, Hiring of strong trunks. Center Internet with the presence of 6 computers including 2 equipped with Web-camwood and all connected to a laser printer. Space wi-fi. Cente of phone calls with two cabins. Service of call-back. Sending of fax and limps postal. Telephone sale of charts several operators: Orange, Codetel, Tricom, Centennial etc….Service of photocopies. Sale of cigars and cigarettes. Sale of postcards, stamps, roadmaps and tourist.  Center counsel of reception and sending of new DHL.Tout parcel and very promising service of wi-fi with sale of subscriptions Internet, sale of computers and charts wi-fi.

Include in the sale of Avenida Exchange

Safe deposit with 102 strong trunks and their fixed customers (more than 80% of occupation to date). New alarm last generation with 5 years of garantie.6 computers thus two equipped with Web-cam.2 telephones fax, 2 phone boxes, 1 photocopier. Office furniture, tables, chairs, stools offices. Franchise agreement on Mow Terrenas in center approved DHL.Contrat in exclusiveness on Mow Terrenas and all bay in Samana of sale of service Internet wi-fi

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