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LasTerrenas and its Area

Junction between the peninsula of Samana has Is, and the Northern coast stretching itself of Nagua with Puerto Plata has the West, Las Terrenas develops the wild beaches most tempting of the country.

 With the foot of a Cordillera culminating to 605 m, where the panorama extends as far as the eye can see on the ocean on a side and imposing bay from Samana from the other, Las Terrenas is a confidential harbour lost in the coconuts.

 Tourism, which develops to with it harmoniously, does not deteriorate the established osmosis of long date between the autochtones and a many various foreign community, composed mainly of French, Germans and Italians increasing each year.

 Served largely since December 2006 per the new International airport “El Catey” (Samana for the Opérators Turn), and final destination of the future motorway in construction arriving directly of Santo Domingo (the capital) in less than one hour, the area of Mow Terrenas - Samana - Nagua is today at the dawn of a fantastic development.

 Amazed by the beauty from the point of view marking out the area, enjoying a microclimate of a single pleasure, filled with wonder by disarming user-friendliness at the local population, you will have discovered the only place in the world where the dream becomes a reality

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